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What Is The Ex'ing Your Ex Program?
How Does It Work?

Ex'ing Your Ex is a revolutionary workbook-based program that helps people recover from the pain of relationship loss in 30 days or less.


It accomplishes this by helping people understand and recognize their breakup in ways that normally take years to achieve.

How Is This Possible... In Just 30 Days?

The program is based on years and hundreds of hours of research by Errol Greene who has thousands of answers and millions of answer views on how people can recover from divorce and the loss of relationships.


Science has proven that there is a process to getting over a loss which includes denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance.

This program focuses on... what leads to acceptance. What changes over time allowing them to move on?


Time itself certainly helps, but what does time teach a person recovering from the loss of a relationship?

In most cases, it is because the person is no longer in an emotionally charged state, opening their minds to understanding things they weren't prepared to see or accept previously.

This program helps take people out of their emotionally charged states through a series of epiphanies or "aha" moments that prove life goes on, allowing them to see their breakup in a new, healthier perspective.

Once out of this state, people are able to internalize  "aha" moments about their relationships and see them in a

new, different perspective.


This understanding brings about new perspectives, allowing people to see things more clearly than they had previously been capable. This is typically the point where people consider themselves, "over their ex."

This isn't the typical, "Throw yourself a party and take up a new hobby " program of getting past the loss of a relationship; it's a revolutionary new way of accelerating the healing process and getting over this loss more quickly and effectively.

After completing this program, you will never look at a breakup, end of a relationship, or divorce the same way again. It will change your perspective for the better, forever, and you will never view a breakup the same way again.


  1. Why you will be grateful for your breakup. Sound impossible? Modules One and Two explain why it's not.

  2. What is your worst enemy when trying to overcome the loss of a relationship? The answer may surprise you.

  3. Some relationships are more difficult to get over than others. Why this is and how to overcome them.

  4. A particular state of mind that's responsible for holding you captive to your ex. Here's how to break free of it.

  5. The specific processes needed to get over an ex--and how to accelerate them

  6. What the loss of a relationship and breaking a drug addiction have in common

  7. A secret technique to never feel rejected ever again

  8. Can't stop thinking about your ex... how to turn this in your favor.

  9. Tricks that our mind plays on us- the power of limerence and the halo effect, and more importantly, how to beat them

  10. A powerful technique that proves you really could be over your ex today

  11. Why it is inevitable you will find someone better

  12. How to use this program to change your life for the better forever.

  13. How to protect yourself against future breakup's- a technique so powerful, it will change the way you see breakup's forever.

  14. Why you will forgive yourself, even if you feel like the breakup was your fault.


-And much more-

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